Strategic Plan


Everyone in the West has a safe place where they feel they belong and live the life they choose



To support, strengthen and enable individuals and diverse communities in the West to flourish


Strategic Priorities

1. Deliver a fully integrated and person-centred commUnity+ service delivery model in Brimbank

2. Strengthen education to employment pathways, further study and community participation

3. Amplify the voice of diverse communities

4. Strengthen financial security and sustainability

5. Build organisational capacity and capability



Responsive: We will listen to our diverse communities, measure impacts and make informed decisions about the services we provide

Empowering: We will respect the strength of our communities and collaborate to deliver holistic services

Accountable: We will be responsible and self-reflective. We will acknowledge and celebrate achievements

Collaborative: We work well together and as one team for our community


View and download the Strategic Plan Overview.