Brimbank Melton Community Legal Centre

Positive outcomes for BMCLC client 

When it comes to family violence matters, our BMCLC lawyers are focused on better protecting survivors and their children from abuse, through advice and court representation.

Mina (not her real name) is a refugee to Australia who arrived with her partner and four young children. After enduring years of escalating physical abuse from her partner and pressure from her community to stay in the marriage, Mina finally gained the courage to leave. BMCLC lawyers supported Mina through the process of obtaining an intervention order, which prevented her ex-husband from contacting her and her children for one year.

After a year, without warning or consent, her ex-husband returned and took the children away. Thankfully, Mina’s BMCLC family lawyer acted quickly and within a few days, the matter was before the Federal Circuit Court, which ultimately ordered that the children live with Mina, ensuring their safety for years to come. 

Mina’s story is not unique to women and children in communities new to Australia, but BMCLC’s quick response to it is.