The Learning Link Program for Schools

The Learning Link is an innovative adult education program developed by commUnity+ in partnership with schools in the Brimbank region. The objective of this program is to build the language and literacy skills of parents to help you gain employment and also support your participation in your children’s education.

Learning Link supports parents of school children in the Brimbank region. The project aims to address language barriers and enable parents to participate in their child’s school life and assist them to gain employment. 

Benefits for children 

  • Increase the parents' ability to engage in the student’s school activity
  • Increase the ability of the parent to assist with student’s homework and assist the student to achieve their goals
  • Increase the parent’s ability to participate in the student’s emotional wellbeing and kept informed about any issues students may be facing in school

Benefits for parents

  • Increase their English language skills
  • Address social isolation and increase social participation 
  • Help parents to gain employment or other education pathways
  • Build parents’ confidence in understanding their child’s education

Benefits for the whole community

  • Increase in the participation of parents in school activities
  • Addressing issues of family violence, social isolation, discrimination and other problems including housing or financial stress
  • Empowerment of parents to participate in our community 

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