About Children’s Contact Service

Parental separation can be a very difficult time for families and can be highly detrimental to the health and wellbeing of children who are exposed to high-conflict situations.

The commUnity+ Children’s Contact Service provides safe, neutral, onsite facilitated changeovers and supervised visits for children and their separated parents. This enables the children to maintain a meaningful relationship with the parent they do not live with.

Our aim is to advance the best interests of children through child-focused, best practice service delivery. The children's safety and wellbeing is always the first priority for staff, who remain neutral in situations of parental conflict.

Funding for the Children's Contact Service is administered by the Department of Social Services. The Children's Contact Services Program is a sub-program of Family Law Services under the Families and Children Activity, Families and Communities Programme. For more information, go to the Department website or visit the Family Relationships website.

The Children's Contact Service is a member of FRSA (Family & Relationship Services Australia). For more information, go to www.frsa.org.au.

The Children's Contact Service is also a member of ACCSA (The Australian Children's Contact Services Association). For more information about commUnity+ and other Children's Contact Services, please see below and go to www.accsa.org.au