Divorce workshops

18 January 2019

There has been a steady demand for Divorce advice and assistance which we continue to deliver via our Divorce workshops, held quarterly and conducted in English and Vietnamese. 

The most recent workshop was conducted on 18 January 2019. At these workshops, attendees receive assistance to complete their divorce application and compile supporting material. 

Where necessary, BMCLC will provide advice in relation to parenting and/or property settlement issues. We will also draft applications and/or affidavits in support of a claim of Separation under one roof or Dispensation/Substituted service as needed. 

If you think we can assist you with the Divorce process, please contact our Centre on (03) 8312 2020 or (03) 9747 5240. 

TT Divorce WS

Talia conducting the Divorce workshop on 18 January 2018