Community Legal Education

15 March 2019

Community Legal Education (CLE) refers to a wide range of activities designed to empower the community by educating them on their rights and responsibilities; where to seek advice and assistance; and how they can navigate the legal terrain. CLE seeks to prevent legal problems and disputes from spiraling out of control by seeking to address the problem at the earliest opportunity.

Recently, BMCLC's Senior lawyer, Johanna Yee, delivered a tenancy CLE to students of CommUnity Plus' Education program that covered the following tenancy issues:

  • Tenants rights;
  • Common types of disputes;
  • The process for urgent repairs; and
  • Bonds and condition reports.

In the coming months, BMCLC will deliver further sessions that cover Infringements and Motor vehicle accidents.  

Joh tenancy

Johanna Yee, a Senior lawyer, delivering a tenancy CLE