Help make a difference to a child's life

10 November 2016

Many children who go to Primary schools in Australia come from families who do not have English as their first language. In many cases, the parents do not speak English at all and as a result, find it hard to understand and engage in their children's school activities.

Lack of English language skills can also present other hurdles for parents like unemployment, which eventually affects the children negatively.

The Learning Link project established by commUnity+ partners with schools to engage with parents who have limited or no English language skills and motivates them to attend English language classes in the school. The classes are held during school hours, in a safe environment and facilitated by trainers who have specialist skills in adult education and working with culturally diverse communities.

Learning Link supports parents of school children in the Brimbank region in the West of Melbourne. The project aims to address language barriers and enable parents to participate in their child’s school life and assist them to gain employment.

We need your help to continue providing this support through the Learning Link program. We are in desperate need of funds to pay for the trainers who take these classes as well as things like books and other materials for the students.

Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of children in emerging communities.

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