Victorian Multicultural Awards for Excellence 2023: commUnity+ Business Category Winner

14 December 2023

   Picture1We are absolutely thrilled to share that commUnity+ has been honored with the prestigious Victorian Multicultural Award for Excellence 2023 in the Business Category! @VictorianMulticulturalCommission 

This award is not just an acknowledgment of our outstanding service but also a celebration of the incredible cultural diversity and lived experiences of our dedicated team. It reflects our unwavering dedication to building a culturally diverse and safe workplace, making a meaningful impact both within our organisation and across the community. 

Here are some remarkable aspects about our commUnity+ team that has played a pivotal role in this recognition: 

  • We are privileged to have team members born in 25 different countries, creating a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives that enhance our work and interactions. 
  • Our staff proudly represents over 40 ethnicities from across the world, showcasing the true mosaic of diversity that defines us. 
  • As a collaborative team, we communicate in an impressive 44 languages, fostering an environment that truly embraces and values multilingualism. 
  • Over 65% of our dedicated staff are first-generation migrants, contributing to the strength and resilience that makes our organisation thrive. 
  • Remarkably, commUnity+ has provided over 10% of our staff their first employment opportunity in Australia, underscoring our commitment to fostering growth and creating opportunities. 

To delve deeper into the impact our diverse team has made within the community, including inspiring stories, check out our 2022/23 Annual Report

This award is a testament to the exceptional work we do collectively. 

Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement, and let's continue to champion diversity and excellence together!